Djibouti: Political unrest in Djibouti killed 30 persons and injured hundred


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For immediate release                                                                                       December,21 2015


Political unrest in Djibouti killed 30 persons and injured hundred  

Early this morning, December 21, in Balbala, an outskirts of Djibouti, a peaceful religious gathering was attacked initially by the police led by colonel Abdillahi Abdi Farah.

Overwhelmed and overrunned by the crowd, he called for troop reinforcement and heavy weaponry to overcome the peaceful resistance.

Assessing that the situation could get out of hand quickly, autocratic and rogue president Ismael Omar Guelleh decided to send his well-organized and well-funded special unit army to quell the resistance.

Under the command of his cousin, Mohamed Djama, the National Guard showed up with heavy military equipment in which tanks are used to kill and injure a score of men and women.

According to the provisional report, at least 30 people was kicked and hundred were critically injured during the repression.

Hundreds of armed militiamen with machetes and swords are terrorizing the population in the capital. A dramatic event never seen in the history of this peaceful country.

Stories are reaching us that many parts of the city are sealed by the army and the police is controlling the movements of the population.

The support committee USN-USA strongly condemns president Guelleh’s scorched earth policy and asks him to come back to his sense. The republic of Djibouti is a small country that can’t afford a civil war.

President Ismael Omar Guelleh must realize that democracy is an irreversible process and that the people of Djibouti demands that their voices should / must be heard when the process of decision making takes place.

He must realize that the people are fed up and tired of his endless corruption and the nepotism of his regime.

Delivering speeches on democracy and human rights in Africa is a noble political initiative, but put in place follow up mechanism is even better.

The support UNS-USA hopes that the Obama’s administration takes an unequivocal decision and condemns Guelleh for his heinous action.

The dictator in Djibouti is using lies and deceptions as tools to drive his repressive policy against the people of Djibouti; the United States of America must show him the way out of power if its wants to preserve his military base inside Djibouti and block china’s move of getting its first military base in the African continent.

Authored by: Hassan Cher Hared

Hassan Cher Hared

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